Tipps and Tricks

What you should consider in the stand up paddling.

Your mobile phone is the key to your locker, always keep it outside the subject. You can take it on the water in the waterproof bag and reach us by phone.


You can book your SUP (stand-up paddle board) or canoe on our homepage tiki-sup.com. We solved the takeover and return in a separate online application.


Check weather, temperatures, your clothes and the planned route. Paddel attentive, keep your surroundings and the weather in view. If in doubt, stay ashore and postpone your experience.

Wind and current

Security goes with a thirst for adventure. Keep yourself in the wind best in the wind -supported area or start your tour contrary to the wind and at best of the current. Guide your strength and skills properly.


Basically, a legal driving requirement applies, cross the water in a short way. Professional shipping and wind -driven vehicles have right of way. In principle, cross behind the other road users. Be particularly attentive to ports and jetty for passenger ships. Respect other water sports enthusiasts and not to your right.


Adjust your clothing of the water temperature. Care for sufficiently warming clothing, we recommend dry or neoprene clothing up to 15 ° C water temperature. Protect yourself in front of the sun, organize you at requires a buoyancy or life jacket.


Find out more, where you can paddle and which areas are closed to nature and environmental protection, for example. Use your behavior on and next to the water to keep the ecological footprint low. Hold to aquatic plants such as reeds, rushes and water lilies at least 25m. Pay attention to the avoidance of garbage and dispose of it into the contained containers on site or at your home. In the water or trash floating near the shore, you are looking forward to your attention and would like to be taken.

Usage & technique

You can put the board with the Finn to the floor, but you can't put yourself on it in this position. Before it goes into the water, Create the leash (security leash) around your ankle. So you don't lose the board with wind & wave.

Place the paddle on your body size, In addition, open the lock and extend the paddle until the arm is only easily ironed over the head (approx. 20cm).

Make sure when inserted into the water that the Finn is completely in the water and does not touch the reason.

During the on and off on footbridge and bank areas, paddles always in the knees and only get up when the water is deep enough or you have enough distance to the footbridge. In the knees, your center of gravity is possible close to the water surface, In this position you have the greatest tipping safety.

To get up both feet with the hopes about shoulder width on the board at the level of the handle and slowly got up. You need about 15 minutes to get used to the board and the attitude.

To locate, the paddle sets as far as possible with the slanted forward. Guide the paddle stroke to the hip.

Paddel on the right to drive to the left and vice versa, if you run the blow far out, the effect is reinforced.

Take waves with the board first, That gives you the best stability. Did you fall in once, crawling best from the rear to the handle forward, then it can go on.


Be a real SUP buddy and take the rules to heart. Communicate and clarify if your SUP area is treated inappropriately.


Get to us with suggestions for improvement. We look forward to further developing our concept with your support.

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