FAQ - Questions and Answers about Booking & Application

What if I overdraw?

Our system cannot book independently, that should be the case in the future. This means that you have been bound by your chosen time window. If the tenant was overwhelmed, the station could already open the station.

Are all availability online?

The booking system is updated daily, the availability is researched faster on our own than you could write to us.

Do I have to take my cell phone on the water?

Absolutely, you have problems or if there are delays, you can reach us by phone at any time. The phone is also your key to your locker.

Can I reach Tiki SUP by phone?

You can only reach us by phone as part of an active booking. Unfortunately, we cannot provide extensive telephone support. We always keep an eye on our inbox, write and like to use our contact form

PS: Please do not forget the most important information about your request.

Can I book for a group?

You can book for several people at the same time, note that you have access to the lockers and are our contractual partner.

What if there is a problem at the station?

We can usually remedy a technical problem from a distance, if contrary to expectations, if we do not succeed, you will receive your money back and the next trip is on us. If the material is damaged and does not allow a trip, we definitely have replacement for you.

What happens in storm?

With storms you don't have to start your booking. Just get in touch with us, we will create a corresponding voucher and see you again in the right weather.

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can easily pay with us with the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Klarna
  • Paypal
  • giropay

Is there a waiting period?

You have 15 minutes each for the preparation and follow-up of your experience.

How do I rent a SUP or canoe?

The process is very simple, you book a SUP or canoe for yourself and your paddle friends. You will then receive an email with a booking link, via this you can access the process to hand over the material directly. In the menu item ** My booking ** you can also enter your booking number and transfer your booking to each device.

You still have open questions, then write us a short message using our contact form.

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